Nastya Kamensky was surprised by the “drunken” expression


The star posted a strange photo in a photoblog.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which is still on vacation with the captain in a warmer climate, confused fans of the strange, according to the with reference to TSN.

During holiday star he published candid photos in a swimsuit, but the last photo in the photoblog has puzzled fans of the stars.

On the page in Instagram Kamensky posted another sexy photo in bikini and mesh dress.

However, the pose and face of the performer seemed to nick a little eccentric.

Bad photo Kamensky became a reason for jokes in the Network.

“Well, at least somewhere she could go badly”, “Seasick, or what”, “Not enough sleep, probably”, “Probably she gets seasick,” said the subscribers under the photo.


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