Nasal spray with insulin may enhance memory in adolescents with obesity


The insulin travels directly to the brain.

This is due to the improvement of communications between different brain regions, the study showed. When the brain develops resistance to insulin, it increases the risk of dementia.

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Scientists from Yale school of medicine have found that an insulin nasal spray improves cognitive functions in adolescents with obesity and prediabetes. Normally the hormone insulin is used to regulate the blood sugar levels and metabolism in diabetics. However, scientists have found that inhalation of insulin leads to its direct hit to the brain, improves memory and communication between brain regions associated with cognitive activity.

The authors of the study called the findings the original, but they suggest that obesity may lead to memory problems, and insulin is able to reverse this process. Previous studies have shown that the insulin travels directly to the brain where it can influence areas that play a role in memory processes and appetite. In people with type II diabetes the body develops resistance to insulin, which is produced naturally.

If such resistance is formed in the brain, the memory is worsening, and this increases the risk of dementia. While science has not proved the existence of a direct link between diabetes and dementia, but it is known that diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and strokes, and they damage blood vessels and cause inflammation.


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