NASA will send the Russian billionaire to the moon of Saturn


NASA отправит российского миллиардера к спутнику СатурнаThe Russian billionaire will look for life in space.

billionaire Yuri Milner is looking life in the depths of space. Now on one of Saturn’s moons
NASA will allocate more than $70 thousand on a private mission of Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to Saturn’s moon Enceladus. About it reports New Scientist.

It is assumed that the probe of the company Milner Breakthrough Initiatives will be the first private mission to search for life in the depths of space. It is also reported that NASA funds will be allocated for the development of the project mission, rather than to its technical organization.

Earlier edition of Space, wrote that the programme Milner intended to carry the fly through a geyser from the depths of Enceladus. Thus, the spacecraft can take samples of fluid from a satellite of Saturn.

“We plan to carry out a relatively cheap mission to Enceladus to learn more about its geysers. That now makes NASA very expensive and may take 10 years,” said last year’s Milner.

In 2015, the machine will start at the speed of 30,6 km/h made a “dive” deep into the geyser and took samples of the water of Enceladus. According to the results of their analysis, it was found that under the moon’s surface hides a boiling ocean, in which there are molecules of hydrogen necessary for the existence of life.

15 September 2017, NASA completed its 20-year mission in the Saturn system and burned in the gas giant’s atmosphere. The Agency aired the last moments of Cassini live.


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