NASA will fly by Enceladus


NASA полетит на ЭнцеладуNASA is negotiating with the Russian billionaire on the flight to the satellite of Saturn.

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner wants to look for life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus and talks about flying with NASA, has already begun.

The agreement between NASA and the company Starshot Foundation of Yuri Milner show that organizations working on scientific, technical and financial plans for an ambitious mission, according to the materials of the publication New Scientist.

NASA has allocated more than $70 000 to help develop a conceptual survey flight missions. Funds will not be paid Starshot Foundation, they represent their own Agency’s expenses for project flight to Saturn.

One of the objectives of the project Starshot Foundation is the search for life on other planets. Milner is interested in the emissions from the surface of Enceladus that Cassini spotted. Only the South pole of the satellite hitting about 100 geysers and at great height. Future probe will not have even to sit on the surface of the satellite, it will be enough to fly through the spray from the geyser.


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