NASA told about the received distress signal from space


В НАСА рассказали о полученном сигнале бедствия из космоса The signal was able to decipher two months later.

The search for extraterrestrial life is conducted by scientists for a long time: the first program appeared in the 70-ies of the twentieth century. SETI is one of the most known projects for the study obtained from space signals.

In 2017 the Ministry of defense has published some national archives in the 19th volume where there was an article from September 15, 1998. The article said that NASA has received a distress signal (SOS) from space, scientists make every effort to decrypt it. To all the experts needed two months.

According to the article, the signal sent by the representatives of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, that’s just too much time needed to search for the key to understanding the complex alien language based on mathematics.

SOS signal, according to the scientists ‘ comments were definitely shipped from a point outside our galaxy. Maybe an alien civilization was destroyed by nuclear weapons (at this point some of the decoded string of the message). Intelligent beings could also be trapped in this deadly disease.


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