NASA showed impressive pictures of Jupiter


The made the machine “Juno.”

The spacecraft “Juno” made a series of rare photos of the South pole of the giant planet Jupiter. The image got a massive cyclones that have been recorded near the South pole of the planet.

“This striking view of the southern hemisphere of Jupiter, became available when the spacecraft turned on the boosters. The image shows a massive cyclone near the South pole of Jupiter, as well as randomly moving clouds — they are visible in the region of turbulence between the orange stripe and brownish polar region,” the researchers say.

Interestingly, the “Juno” during the snapshot overclocked to 137 thousand kilometers per hour relative to the planet. All in all, a series of images, the machine took over an hour and the last frame “Juno” was already flying at a speed of 209 thousand kilometers per hour.

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At the moment of shooting between the machine and the planet was 104 thousand 600 km.


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