NASA showed color pictures of Jupiter


NASA показало цветные снимки Юпитера Space Agency NASA has unveiled a new color image of Jupiter based on images from the machine Juno.

The Juno probe passed these pictures in December 2017, the processing took about a month.

The camera probe has worked with a range of 8 to 300 miles if the scale is 5.8 km per pixel. The original, black-and-white new images have become available at the end of December last year. They were then processed in a special program called JunoCam.

“It is, of course, very cute, like the planet, but if you get to Jupiter is too close, you’re dead,” commented his work on the British chart pictures of Sean Doran, who regularly helps NASA with the processing of images from space.

The distance from the probe to Jupiter usually quite large, to minimize the influence of hard radiation fields of the planet on the electronics apparatus. However, every 53 days Juno is approaching the planet and sending back her new photos.

NASA launched the Juno probe in 2011, and it took almost five years that the spacecraft reached Jupiter. NASA expects that the Juno probe will remain in orbit of Jupiter, at least a few more years, and will transmit to Earth the incredible new footage.

However, the space Agency, will eventually destroy the probe cost a billion dollars. This will prevent accidental dropping on Jupiter’s moon Europe, which, theoretically, life is possible.

NASA показало цветные снимки Юпитера


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