NASA recorded the explosion of a meteorite on the moon


NASA зафиксировали взрыв от падения метеорита на ЛунуThe explosion from the collision of a meteorite with the Moon could be observed from Earth.

This was reported by NASA specialists. According to them a cosmic accident could be seen under the condition of clear weather.

Contact the lunar surface and the asteroid was recorded the day before. The mass of the meteorite, according to the calculations of astronomers, was 40 pounds. By the time the “interaction” space “torpedo” has reached 90 thousand kilometers per hour. Because of this impressive speed of the meteorite, damaging the satellite of the Earth has received very significant. One of the consequences of contact was an explosion. It occurred due to the release of enormous energy.

Scientists, and ordinary people are comforted by the fact that the blow fell not on the Blue planet. Otherwise the Earth would have formed a crater depth of 20 meters, and the blast wave would have resulted in the total destruction of all life in a radius of several kilometers.


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