NASA gave the name to his Rover


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On Thursday, space Agency NASA has announced the name of its next Mars Rover: Perseverance, Perseverance. This will be the fifth research vehicle on the red planet, following in the footsteps of devices called Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, reports the with reference to Comments.

The name was announced at the event in school lake Braddock in Burke, Virginia to congratulate Alex Mazer, a student of seventh class, which chose him. “The idea Alex asked the spirit of inquiry. As in any previous research mission, our Rover will face difficulties and will make amazing discoveries,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, the assistant administrator of Management of the science mission of NASA.

Like its predecessors, Perseverance got its name from a school child at the national competition. It was the same with Sojourner in 1997, the Rovers Spirit and Opportunity that landed on Mars in 2004, Curiosity is exploring Mars since 2012. The last contest started in August last year when 4700 judges, volunteers, including teachers and space enthusiasts, has reduced the number of participants to 155 semi-finalists before nine names were published on the website NASA. More than 770 000 proposals were submitted online before the space Agency has determined the winner.

Alex Mazer will receive an invitation to go with her family to Cape Canaveral in Florida, to see how the Rover will start its journey.


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