NASA found the cause of the mysterious melting of Antarctic ice


NASA нашло причину загадочного таяния антарктических льдовIn July from ice shelf Larsen in Antarctica broke off one of the biggest was the icebergs.

According to scientists, the mysterious source of heat may be lurking beneath the ice mantle plumes — narrow, rising in a solid state, the heated portion of the mantle. The temperature of the crust above it rises, and as a result glaciers are melting, cracking, broken.

About 30 years ago scientist from the University of Colorado suggested that a region in the Land Marie Byrd in West Antarctica may be similar mantle plume, however, until recently, confirmation of this hypothesis could be obtained. NASA was able to verify the veracity of this theory.

Experts have developed a special numerical model. They calculated how much geothermal energy required for all processes in the Land Marie Byrd, including the appearance of existing underground rivers and lakes. Comparing the theoretical model with the data obtained during the Antarctic expeditions, the scientists came to the conclusion that under the surface really is a mantle plume that formed 50-110 million years ago — long before the formation of the continent’s ice sheet.

In October one of the two largest glaciers of the Antarctic Pine Island broke the array area, four times greater than the island of Manhattan. According to the forecast made on the basis of satellite images of glaciers in the future, the process of ice melting will accelerate even two to three times, increasing the level of the World ocean.

In July from ice shelf Larsen in Antarctica broke off one of the biggest was the icebergs. Its area was 5800 square kilometers.


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