NASA found on Mars, mysterious hole


It is located on the mountain of the Peacock.

NASA discovered a strange hole on the surface of Mars. A hole found in the analysis of images obtained by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Strange hole located on the slopes of one of the highest mountains of the red planet – the mountain Peacock, the Chronicle with reference to the Correspondent.

Scientists drew attention to the unusual structural form of education.

The hole has a diameter of about 35 meters. Around it are almost perfectly flat crater. Below is a cave with a flat bottom. Professionals, thanks to the inner corner of the shadow, were able to calculate its depth is about 28 meters.

Hole surrounded by lava. The experts gave reason to believe that the hole is the side of the volcano.

NASA said the find is “of special interest”. First, there is a high probability to detect signs of life, and secondly, these holes can be used as a shelter for spacecraft and Rovers, and eventually the astronauts when they get to Mars.

“Inside the cave such a void relatively protected from radiation, making them ideal candidates for life on Mars. It is to such recesses will be sent to space ships, robots and even interplanetary explorers” — said on the website NASA.


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