NASA found a planet where life is possible


В NASA нашли планету, на которой возможна жизньThe discovery was made using the Kepler telescope

Recently, NASA stated that it was observed cosmic body, twice the size of the earth. The planet can have water and therefore life.

The discovery was made using the Kepler telescope, a planet called “K2-288Bb”. The body distant from our blue ball on 226 light-years.

According to preliminary data, such super-earths to Neptune: it is rocky and rich in natural gas. Surprisingly, K2-288Bb revolves around some stars that are not characteristic of planets outside the Solar system.

It is noteworthy that noticed exoplanet Adina Feinstein (PhD student, University of Chicago) and Makenna Bristow (student Universitу of North Carolina Asheville). They conducted research activities together with the astrophysicist Joshua Slideroom.

The Kepler telescope has helped find out what in space are more planets than stars. For nine years, the telescope has managed to capture more than two and a half thousand planets. Fifty bodies have some similarities with the Earth.


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