Named the worst city in the world for a romantic getaway


Названы худшие города мира для романтического отдыхаIf you are going on a journey, you need to know what the city is not exactly ideal for romance.

City for a romantic trip should be beautiful (=net) as a minimum.

Not to mention the cultural heritage and delicious national food.

Travel-experts have called the worst city for a romantic getaway.

Venice, Italy
It would seem that the city on the water, what could be cuter and more romantic? But travel journalist Chris Leadbeater advises here to go to travel together. In the fact that in the hottest time of year, the canals of Venice are not the most pleasant smell.

Chongqing, China
Outside Consist really beautiful, and the city itself is very gloomy and gray. This convinced the editor of The Independent Nicola Ladder that has chosen this city for traveling with a loved one.

Cologne, Germany
Travel blogger Paul Tierney assures that Cologne is a very beautiful city, it is certainly worth a watch, but only by going there with friends. The main problem – pubs, a large amount of beer, and frequent fights.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
In the romantic journey, as previously mentioned, I want to try an unusual local cuisine to make your taste preferences, but in Sao Paulo you will be fed pies. Agree, at home you can eat. Besides, at night it is better not to walk and to sit in the hotel as often happen robbery. And what is this romance, and how to see the sunrise and sunset?

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The city is beautiful, but if it doesn’t rain. In the rainy season the water in the restaurants and homes rises to the level of the knees, so get out cockroaches and rats, who also want to escape from the flood.

New York, USA
Travel journalist Stuart Forster said that in new York a lot of museums and sights that a romantic date is simply to turn into a tour. You’re in new York, there’s not a lot of sleep, because you need time to see everything, and the queue in front of the big museums.

Bangkok, Thailand
What happiness, when in Ukraine, snowy winter, and you’re drinking fresh mango in hot Thailand. But you need to choose the island, not the busy capital Bangkok.

Barcelona, Spain
If you go to Barcelona, get ready, wallets and other valuables to slip to keep in the hands. It is also the capital of pickpockets.


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