Named the world’s most popular air route


Назван самый популярный в мире авиамаршрутOften flew to Korea.

The flight from Seoul to Jeju island is recognized as the most popular air route in the world. In 2017, this trip has made 11 million people.

Routes London–Paris and Beijing-Shanghai are no longer the most popular, and therefore busiest in the world. The palm leaves in South Korea. In 2017 more than 11 million people made a trip from Seoul to Jeju island. Flights are so popular that the departures occur every 15 minutes. The flight takes just under an hour.

The workload of the route due to the popularity of Jeju Chinese tourists. They are attracted by the visa free regime and a large number of casinos in China are prohibited. Jeju is also in demand and residents of South Korea. It is positioned as a local Hawaii. The province is also the only special Autonomous region of South Korea, so citizens of most countries are allowed to visit without a visa.

In 2011, Jeju city has been named one of new 7 wonders of nature. Its main attraction is the volcano Hallasan height of 950 metres, the highest peak in the country. On top of a lake. Tourists also visit the caves and theme Park “Land of love”, which presented 140 sculptures depicting humans in various sexual poses.

On the second place on popularity — aviation flights between Tokyo and Sapporo. The flights in this direction in 2017 has committed 8 million people.


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