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The best options for the summer.

Well, we can again rejoice in the way things were — for example, to get a haircut and make a painting in the salon, go to the beautician or manicures. Recently we told you about fresh summer nail art trends and today I want to show three trendy haircuts for different lengths of hair, so you don’t get lost in the diversity of ideas, reports the with reference to Cosmo.

For short hair: cropped, blunt Bob, like Vera Cecelia

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A couple of serious;) ⠀ All washed, himself redeemed — net Thursday, bought the eggs, yeast, vanilla and everything you need for Easter pie! ⠀ The most important achievement of extreme days has taught parents to use FaceTime! Prepared them for a family Easter on a video call;)))) ⠀ the Only thing through the screen of the phone will not embrace and will not face the strength of the eggs😂 ⠀And so all we have great. #remailer #Easter

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The haircut is suitable for all those who long wears short hair and has managed to grow them for the quarantine period, besides, it harmonizes the proportions of the face round and square shapes, leaves room for experimentation with new styling. We like how it is Faith — a little Curling and creating the effect of light beach curls.

For medium length hair, a ragged cascade, as Sabina Sokol

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Quarantine reality check : cooking and overindulging way too much since the beginning of this quarantine … 😅 I get a lot of questions about my diet and how I manage to keep a “body like this” while in quarantine. Well, I don’t always manage and the last picture is proof 🤪 I began the quarantine with the goal of eating healthy and working out everyday and I just can’t find the strength to do it. This is a time of struggle and the last thing I want is for anyone to feel bad looking at my supposedly “picture perfect” life on Instagram. No one is perfect and it’s ok ❤ I Now go enjoy your Easter chocolate without feeling guilty about it !!

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French it-girl — master relaxed, natural, but at the same time, very seductive images. Her recognizable style is evident in the brand air haircut: the hair just below the shoulders, strands of different lengths, beautifully framing the face. Adds a special charm and long angled bangs, stacked on both sides, but this is optional — in the summer it will have to Tinker, so think about whether you need these worries

For long hair: clean cut, like Jennifer Lopez

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So ready for this half time super bowl @jlo 🏈

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All those who can boast an enviable density of hair, you should pay attention to the haircut glamorous J. Lo — smooth luxurious environments with a length just above the chest. This is a simple but at the same time, luxurious hair, giving the image of perfection and gloss. Important: chic and gloss possible only if you carefully take care of their hair and maintain ideal state for their tips.


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