Named the three most cheapest car in the world


Названа тройка самых дешевых авто в мире These cars are not more than five thousand dollars.

The market is filled with supply, but it is not so many models that you can buy less than 5 thousand dollars. This car came into our current rating.

At the 3rd place of the ranking of the Renault Kwid. The cost of the car ranges from 4.1 thousand dollars. This car is sold in India, and proektirovania for developing countries. The car has all-wheel drive system, but is positioned as a crossover. Her hood compartment occupies a 0.8-liter bentegeat thrust 54 “horses”. Working engine 5-band “mechanics”. Also the vehicle is sold with a 68-horsepower litre engine and RCPP Easy-R.

The 2nd line is the Datsun redi-GO at a price of 4 thousand dollars . This car is built on the same platform CMF-A, Renault Kwid. The machine is also equipped with a 54-strong unit, but not so long ago the car received power plant 70 HP, as well as air conditioning and led daytime running lights. In this version, the machine is expensive to 5.5 thousand dollars.

The leader of the rating became Tata Nano price from 3.3 thousand. Indian car is present on the global market and has recently undergone Obnovlenie. In the opening version it as simple as possible and it is not even the stove. A car driven by a 0.6-liter traction 33 “horse”. The vehicle is capable of accelerating up to 105 km per hour. In the future the model will be electrified version with 23-HP engine and a power reserve of 170 kilometers.


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