Named the reason why Queen Elizabeth II wears bright outfits


Названа причина, почему королева Елизавета II носит яркие нарядыThe Countess of Wessex told that such a choice does the Queen not only based on personal preferences

Queen Elizabeth II often appears in public in ultra-bright colours — fuchsia, lemon yellow, Royal blue, and many are wondering why she relies on these shades.

This question became the answer. The wife of the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, said that such a choice does the Queen not only based on personal preferences, but in order that it could be seen by other people. Often, when the Queen comes to the events, the crowd of people wanting to see inside stretched for tens of meters.

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Dressed in bright colors, the Queen gives everyone the opportunity to see at least a button on her coat, then this man could proudly say that he saw the actual Queen Elizabeth II — the reigning monarch-the woman in the world.

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This recognition Sophie did for a documentary about the Elizabeth — The Queen At 90. He is devoted to the most significant events in the life of the British monarchy during 65 years of her reign.

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