Named the real reason for the parting of the famous Hollywood couples


An insider commented on the problems in the relationship.

Wife Tatum shocking unexpected news: Jenna and Channing have stated about their separation after nine years of marriage. Beloved has posted farewell posts on their pages in social networks, where we have explained the reasons for the gap.

“Between us did not happen any quarrels or indecent incidents. We have no secrets. Just two best friends realized that the time has come to help each other to live the most joyful and happy life as possible,” wrote the couple.

However, as it turned out, the letter pair forgot to mention about the real reason for the breakup. So, according to the insider, Jenna and Channing were different priorities.

“Jenna wanted to be home with my daughter and dedicate herself to the family, and Channing was focused on his career and preferred to spend time outside the house,” shared the insider.


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