Named the oldest living animal on Earth


Названо самое древнее животное на ЗемлеScientists showed the oldest animal on Earth

Scientists have identified the most ancient animal on Earth, the researchers put an end to the disputes regarding evolutionary biology on the planet. The first multicellular animals resembled modern sponges, say the researchers.

David Pisani (Davide Pisani), Professor at Bristol University, believes that the first multicellular animals that lived in ancient times on Earth had a primitive body like not on jellyfish and ctenophores, and sponges. Comb or gelatine sponge theory are a major issue, they indicates absolutely different way of development of the nervous system, Professor Pisani. The scientist says that the main part of the animals of the modern world came about 540-520 million years ago during the “Cambrian explosion.”

At the time sped up evolution and increased diversity of multicellular creatures, including the emergence of worms, fish, insects and other representatives of vertebrates.


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