Named the new contender for the title “plague of the XXI century”


Назван новый претендент на титул "чумы XXI века"The situation is the result of many negative factors.

In China after the analysis of statistics of disease and death, doctors determined contender for the ominous title of “plague of the XXI century”.

Surpassing AIDS and cancer, they became a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, only one year claimed the lives of 870 thousand Chinese.

According to the Chinese doctors, at present obstructive pulmonary disease get sick more than eight and a half percent of the population or 100 million people.

This situation is caused by many negative factors, for example, was able cities, the commitment of citizens to smoke and the trend of continuous aging of the population.

In contrast to tuberculosis and pneumonia, obstructive lung disease gradually limits the amount of air entering the respiratory tract. In most cases, people learn about their disease, when the process becomes irreversible.

At the moment scientists have not yet developed methods of treatment of this disease, and drugs that can stop a developing pathology.


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