Named the most visited Museum in the world


Назван самый посещаемый музей в миреThe Museum was visited by 0,2 million

One of the largest museums in the world Louvre in Paris last year was visited by 10.2 million people, making it the most popular Museum in the world.

Foreign nationals accounted for almost 75% of visitors to the Louvre Museum in 2018. The decline in tourism has reduced the number of visitors to Paris by 30%, but in 2017 the total number of visits of the Louvre has already recovered to 8.1 million

In 2018, the French formed the largest group of visitors (2.5 million), followed by Americans (nearly 1.5 million) and the Chinese (almost 1 million).

Recent demonstrations of the “yellow jackets” forced the Louvre to close for one day only, Saturday, December 8.

The Director of the Louvre Jean-Luc Martinez said it was a sign that Paris has recovered from the fall of the tourist flow after the terrorist attacks in 2015.

Martinez said that the improvements cost nearly 60 million euros will enable the Louvre to better cope with the crowds of visitors. There is a new ticket office, new storage and new facilities for group tours.

This fall at the Louvre held a large exhibition dedicated to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.


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