Named the most useful product for breast


Названы самые полезные продукты для груди The diet should be low calorie cereal whole grain

Women are often critical of their appearance, wanting to look more attractive, to have a perfect figure, silky skin and of course Breasts.

This part of the body usually disappoints the ladies, forcing to reflect on its correction with the help of plastics. Experts advise not to rush to resort to extreme measures, and to try to give the breast the desired look with the help of special creams, exercise program or a proper diet.

Picking the right diet can not only make your bust more attractive, but also improve the entire body and also lose weight. Professionals built the list of products for special diets, using which woman will look like a Queen.

To intensify blood circulation in breast and thus contribute to its improvement and giving beautiful shapes will help a decoction of rose hips. Rich in valuable fiber and protein legumes, especially lentils, “build” the fabric of this part of the body, making it more lush. In addition, these products are powerful energy source.

Dried apricots removes from the body toxins, purifying it. Eating her, the woman receives a clean, elastic skin of the breast. These “cleaners” can be called vegetables and fruits red-orange hue. The antioxidants in them, give the skin elasticity and freshness. Useful and bananas, deducing the excess water and removes puffiness, making the skin more elastic. You should also regularly drink freshly squeezed juices, saturating the body with vitamins.

The diet should be low calorie cereal whole grains. They add strength, promote weight loss and give firmness to the breast. You should not ignore the cheese and yogurt that contains estrogen is responsible for feminine. For the power supply of the breast is very important cabbage, normalizes the functioning of the mammary glands, and broccoli that protect against cancer. Useful and walnuts are a storehouse of minerals, vitamins, protein and fats, essential for the elasticity of the breast.


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