Named the most unpopular country among tourists


Названы самые непопулярные страны среди туристовWhere you want to go least of all.

If you prefer unexplored tourist places where you don’t have to walk in the crowd of other travelers, go to Bangladesh. This country led the ranking of the least tourist countries of the world compiled by Priceonomics based on data from the world Bank.

On the comparison of the number of annual foreign visitors to each country’s population, this country in South Asia is the least tourist point in the world.

With more than 160 million people in 2014 (latest world Bank figures) it was visited by only 125 thousand tourists. Thus, one tourist in this country is of 1 273 inhabitants of Bangladesh.

For comparison, Ireland is home to about 4.8 million people, and in 2017 it was visited by over 9 million visitors. There is one person there two tourists.

Due to its excellent walking routes, beautiful beaches and safaris, Bangladesh could become a popular place to travel. However, the constant concerns about safety, flooding and extreme poverty of the local population deter all but the most intrepid travellers.

25 of the most tourist countries of the world:
the destination (local residents per person)
Bangladesh (1273)
Guinea (372)
Moldova (323)
India (169)
Sierra Leone (144)
Niger (142)
Ethiopia (126)
Chad (111)
Madagascar (106)
Mali (102)
Burkina Faso (92)
Belarus (69)
Sudan (58)
Côte d’ivoire (47)
Tanzania (47)
Benin (44)
Papua-New Guinea (41)
Angola (41)
Tajikistan (39)
Venezuela (36)
Nepal (36)
Kenya (36)
Brazil (32)
Uganda (30)
Solomon Islands (28).


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