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Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. ФотоThe role of color in the interior.

Symphony of colors – so you can characterize the possibilities of colors for modern interior. Natural soft accented futuristic and exotic colors – a palette of design is very diverse and constantly changing.

Each new season shades of “mutate” to a deeper muted or, conversely, the more bright and bold. And some, after a long pause, go back and create a dramatic interior that is unlike anything before.

An important role in shaping the fashionable color trends in the interior world plays the Pantone color Institute – perhaps the most influential world guide to color trends. Although the fashion color in the interior changes more slowly than fashion industry, which immediately absorbs new influences, and many shades of Pantone quickly “catch on” and become trend. The overall picture “dilute” the world’s paint manufacturers that also offer their vision of what the color should be a leading in the season. Today we will consider the main trendy color palette that will be relevant in interior design for a long time.

Ultraviolet – the color of the year

The Pantone Institute has named this spectacular provoking shade of purple with color of the year, which was skeptically received by many interior designers. Such a reaction can be explained by the fact that ultraviolet – a very specific color that in the wrong dosage becomes obsessive and dramatic. Royal spotless and luxurious, this color looks as accent, amid the calm and neutral shades. Using ultraviolet locally, such as the color schemer, you can achieve impressive results.

Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. Фото

In the near future, ultraviolet will evolve towards softer shades, adding to the interior a feeling of weightlessness. Already gaining popularity for his “companion” – delicate and almost translucent “Petal of Crocus” (Crocus Petal). In Pantone, this color is called “sophisticated shade that adds light and airy spring mood”.

All shades of green

Perhaps the most current and fashionable color this year. And in this opinion we agreed the experts of the Pantone Institute, and the largest producers of paints and interior designers. The actual all shades of green from the deep muted colors of the foliage to rich blue-green and bright grassy. Several paint manufacturers have already called green favorite 2019.

Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. Фото

At the peak of luscious shades of emerald, as in the peacock’s plumage. Especially fresh and exotic looks Antonovsky “Kozelsky green” (Green Quetzal) – blue-green color, reminiscent of the luxurious feathers of the quezal bird that inhabits South America. This shade goes well with purple and ultraviolet color.

Outdoor red

Strong, shining and bold, this color is able to focus on the focus of the entire room. This year red new appeared in the net and the clear shade of Mac Valiant Pantone Poppy and berry Caliente from Benjamin Moore. Red can be used for accents and to create monochrome interiors. This color goes well with various shades of beige (the color of baked milk to the dairy), gray-green and brass.

Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. Фото

If you decide to use the interior of the color red, focus it in areas short-term: lobby, corridor, the bathroom – where the desired wow effect. In all other areas use this color as a supporting or accent – in detail interior, furniture. So you will achieve uniform and unobtrusive the color distribution in space.

Pastel. And still pink

How much would interior trendsetters’t proclaimed a departure from the pastel colors, the great revolution did not happen. Thanks to its soft, neutral shades will remain indispensable in the interior – deep rich colors not hinder development of this design direction. Grey, almond beige and cream white, these shades will long be relevant. Unexpectedly long a trend lasts pink in all its manifestations: popular from delicate powdery shades to a ripe smoky.

Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. Фото

Shades of warm, earthly nature

In Vogue are natural hues of ripe berries and citrus. Seductive depth of the interior accentuate the color of the red pear. Pantone describe it as a delicious decadent Burgundy. If you are looking for a bold color – you will definitely be red orange. He claims to be one of the main “organic” shades today. Soft muted terracotta will make any interior warm. This delicious color can be used as a neutral accent or the main.

Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. Фото

Dark blue as the new black

Dark blue is so fond of the interior designers that it became known as the new black. Don’t be afraid to add it to your house in the form of painting, accents, or use as primary. The best thing about this color trend is that it has become a timeless classic. Fashionable colors – noble Navy Peony and is very close to the coal-ash blue Sargasso Sea.

Названы самые модные цвета дизайна интерьера. Фото

Also gaining popularity is the micro-trend is to use as the main color mix coal black with Indigo or dark green. So, the true face of the interior will be revealed only in certain lights or using the elements.


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