Named the most reliable social network for extremists


Названа самая "надежная" соцсеть для экстремистовWhat place in the Network is considered reliable.

The German experts note that the social network from right-wing extremists considered “safe place”. The administration of “contact” is not interested in removing illegal content.

Right-wing extremists in connection with the efforts of control are increasingly using social network This is evidenced by the data portal published on Monday, October 22. The Russian network is considered “secure” because administrators rarely remove illegal users.

On the pages “contact” represented “the entire spectrum of right-wing extremists,” reads the message, and the multimedia capabilities of social networks are especially dangerous for young people as to different materials, including video recordings of the murders, you can access “without age control.” Came into effect a year ago in Germany, the law on the protection of rights in social networks has led to the fact that right-wing extremists began looking for alternative platforms.

“Although right-wing extremists are increasingly using the “In contact” social network itself does not show interest in removing unlawful content, upon receipt of appropriate messages from users. Internal community rules are not enforced with the desired effect”, – stated in the message Experts point out that “structural problems” remain the same: hate propaganda and other serious violations do not lead to consequences.


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