Named the most popular tourist city in 2017


Названы самые популярные среди туристов города в 2017 годуMost tourists visited Hong Kong.

Hong Kong took first place in the Top 100 most popular cities according to the rating of the company Euromonitor International. For the first nine months amounted to 25,7 million people. “This figure decreased by 3.2% compared with the year 2016”, – stated in the message.

In addition to Hong Kong, the top ten most visited cities included Bangkok (23 million tourists – ed.), London (19.8 million people – ed.), Singapore, Macau, Dubai, Paris, new York, Shenzhen and Kuala Lumpur. Paris became the most elegant city in the global rankings, drawn up in terms of grace and style in architecture and everyday life.

Euromonitor International, a British research company, conducting research and analysis products and services. The ranking of the most popular cities is drawn up annually for 10 years based on data from 100 countries of the world. EI analysts consider data about travellers who have spent more than 24 hours, regardless of the purpose of the trip.


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