Named the most popular sites in the world


Названы самые популярные сайты в миреGoogle was the absolute leader in the number of unique visitors in 2017 worldwide

On the page came 26,697 billion unique users. This exceeds the population of the Earth, since unique users are calculated for the month and are summarized in the final annual figure, and the sum takes into account separately visitors from personal computers and mobile devices.

For example, in December 2017, the number of unique visitors page with personal computers made 733,6 million, and from mobile devices and 1.5 billion users. Noticeable was the attendance of not only the main page is Google, but the website versions for individual countries or its services.

In second place in the world was the Google owned video service YouTube 22.9 billion unique visitors last year.

In third place in the world in attendance was the social network Facebook (21,865 billion). At the same time the number of visitors to the mobile site ranked second in the world from 14.83 billion visitors against of 14.76 billion from YouTube.

In the first world twenty hit the popular social network, marketplace (site of electronic Commerce), online encyclopedia, and several Chinese services several sites for link shortening, as well as three of the porn site.

Названы самые популярные сайты в мире


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