Named the most popular in Ukraine American used cars


Названы самые популярные в Украине американские б/у автомобилиCars drive after accidents and floods, so buyers should be careful.

As you know, Americans and Canadians often change cars. In addition, the American insurance companies prefer not to repair the machine, who had been even in a minor accident, and provide the client with a new car, so even 2 – to 3-year cars in the United States and Canada are sold at very affordable prices. These are the Ukrainian companies that act as intermediaries in the purchase of Ukrainian cars on the insurance auctions and their subsequent customs clearance. Also in Ukraine, a lot of companies that buy such machines, rastamazhivayut and then sell on the secondary market, which is already 42% of the total car market of Ukraine.

TOP 5 best models, which are usually imported to Ukraine from America dealers:

1. Ford Fusion/Mondeo, which in the domestic market is named Ford Mondeo. As a rule, imported cars of 2014 – 2016 release and price in Ukraine ranges from 13 to 17 thousand dollars. If you were lucky enough to buy this car in a good condition, then you can be congratulated with successful acquisition. Sedan with huge interior and trunk, excellent handling, stunning dynamics and a moderate appetite, is the perfect family car.

Названы самые популярные в Украине американские б/у автомобили

Usually on auto set turbo EcoBoost engine capacity of 1.5 or 2.0 liters, which in the urban mode burns 8 – 9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Robotic PowerShift transmission with two couplings ensures the smooth running of the car.

Under the hood can also be powerful 2.5-liter “aspirated”, which works in conjunction with “automatic”. On this power unit can be installed LPG that is highly valued by buyers. In addition, an engine easier to maintain, and its reliability proven over the years.

2. KIA Sorento crossover 2012 – 2014 model years in Ukraine can be purchased for 14 – 17 thousand dollars. Cars of the new generation is not very much in demand in the Ukrainian market due to excessively high prices, but the car is imported from America at a more affordable price.

Названы самые популярные в Украине американские б/у автомобили

The car is very good, has a spacious interior and roomy trunk. The U.S. market represented only petrol version of the KIA Sorento, but the atmospheric 2.4-liter engine can be easily installed LPG.

3. Honda Civic 2013 – 2015 model years in Ukraine costs from 14 to 18 thousand dollars. Machine in Ukraine sold sluggishly, due to the absence of marketing, and the prices for a new car bite. So buying cars from USA is fairly tempting.

Названы самые популярные в Украине американские б/у автомобили

Gasoline engine 1.8-liter capable of generating 140 HP in the urban cycle consumes just 6 – 7 liters of gasoline. The car is equipped with a automatic transmission.

4. Nissan Leaf. The real luck would be to buy a electric car 2012 – 2015 issue which is available in 13 – 16 thousand dollars. In the accident the worker nodes of the electric vehicle suffer less, so after recovery of the body, you get almost a new car. In addition, even after driving 200 thousand miles, the life of batteries is reduced only 10 – 15%.

Названы самые популярные в Украине американские б/у автомобили

The only drawback of the car, too small a reserve, which is about 150 kilometers. Although for city driving it is enough.

5. Volvo S60 2012 – 2015 model years, imported from America, can be bought in Ukraine for 14 – 18 thousand dollars. This price is not commensurate with the cost of the new “Swedes”. The car is comfortable, in addition, the safety system Volvo is one of the most reliable in the world.

Названы самые популярные в Украине американские б/у автомобили

Even in a base complete set the car is equipped with a large number of options that other cars are available only in expensive models.

It should be understood that many of these cars had been in an accident, sometimes quite serious, or are “drowned” during the numerous hurricanes hitting the US East coast. Quite often in the Ukrainian car market are vehicles in poor condition, repair them and sell at inflated prices. As a rule, the seller says that the car was used by the housewife, drove the kids to school, went to supermarket for shopping. Therefore, buying a car, it should be checked on a familiar one HUNDRED.


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