Named the most popular cars among women


Названы самые популярные автомобили среди женщинWhat cars won the hearts of women

The question for centuries, tormenting the minds of millions of men, what really wants the woman, began to emerge.

According to a recent study, data were obtained about how the car prefers the female gender.

The results of the survey and research on female preferences in the automotive field has shown quite nice results. As of today, the priority of the fair sex such car model: Mini Cooper, Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Citroen C1, Fiat500, Nissan Juke, Kia Picanto, Restylee, Audi A1.

The prevalence of models Based on a given list, it can be concluded that women more to your liking cars compact configuration.

Overall SUVs, pickups or other such models for women called.


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