Named the most healthy drink for the prevention of cancer


Назван самый полезный напиток для профилактики онкозаболеванийScientists have explained why you should drink carrot juice.

Scientists say about the unique and healing properties of carrot juice. They claim that are rich in carotene, carrots can help in the fight against breast cancer and prostate cancer.

A group of scientists from the US and the UK, in studying the nature of cancer cells formation came to the conclusion that you need to pay attention to the carrots, as a large concentration of keratin forms a set of useful vitamins in the vegetable. These properties can help in the fight against cancer, and even become a kind of prophylactic against cancer.

Studies have shown that a high concentration of keratin in the blood acts as a protection and even freezing of the cancer cells. Keratin helps to strengthen the immune system and improves vision.

It is known that the largest amount of keratin contained in the carrot. Scientists recommend to use this product daily in the form of fresh juice, as in this form, all the nutrients fully absorbed in the body.

The researchers conducted a series of experiments in which participated the patients of oncological clinics. It was found that daily consumption of a glass of carrot juice had a positive influence on the condition of the patients, especially those who suffered from cancer of the breast, prostate or bowel.


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