Named the most healthy beverage for hypertensive patients


Назван самый полезный напиток для гипертониковThe researchers conducted experiments on rodents.

Scientists carried out the experiment and found that hypertension is extremely useful kefir.

Yogurt can prove to be extremely helpful for hypertensive patients. New research has allowed scientists to conclude that kefir lowers blood pressure and also normalizes the relationship between the digestive and nervous systems of the body, informed

The researchers conducted experiments on rodents, which were divided into groups consuming fermented drink and do not use it.

“Indicators of animal drinking kefir, was better: the pressure is normalized, the barrier function of the intestine began to work without failures”, – reported experts about the test results.

Kefir refers to the fermented products, have withstood the fermentation process beneficial bacteria. Researchers at the University of Cambridge was established that the consumption of fermented dairy products with low fat content reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes.

“Food fermenting microbes break down the sugar and starch, facilitating the body’s digestive process. Produced by bacteria lactic acid is a natural preservative, stimulating the growth of beneficial microflora in the stomach,” – said the scientists.


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