Named the main dangers of consuming ready meals from the supermarket


Названы основные опасности употребления готовых блюд из супермаркета Such dishes are often of low quality.

In Ukraine you can find a lot of shopping with the culinary Department, but to buy food there is very dangerous workers such points in almost all cases, do not comply with elementary sanitary rules.

This was told Maxim Nesmiyanov, Executive Director of the Union of consumers of Ukraine.

“It all depends on the supermarket. Is the well-known chain, and one lousy store coming there and is impossible to enter. It all depends on your personal experience. If you trust this store, then you can do purchases there. If you are first time in this store, it is best from cooking refuse. From what I see – it’s just awful,” said Nesmiyanov.

The expert explained that in most cases, employees of culinary neglect the simplest sanitary rules, for example, the salad “Herring under a fur coat” ready to be stored no more than 16 hours, and the staff cooking on the labels put the “48 hours”.

Nesmiyanov stressed that they establish a “sanitary standards” and miraculously, with the help of some incredible products that open by themselves, increase the storage time of the meals.


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