Named the main danger of skipping visits to the doctors


Названа главная опасность пропусков посещений врачей

Patients with serious diseases risking much by skipping visits to doctors. On 14 January, the newspaper writes N+1 with reference to the journal BMC Medicine.

According to the study, researchers from the University of Glasgow, the patients with mental disorders missed during the year two visits to the doctor or more, raised their own risk of death eight times. People with chronic diseases are also not less than twice a year ignoring medical examination, has died three times as often.

It was found that patients with one, two or three chronic diseases missed visits to the doctor 30% more often, and with four or more disease — 70% more often than people without chronic diseases. In addition, patients with mental illness cancelled the account to the doctor often people with chronic diseases.

The study involved more than 800 thousand Scots. The researchers called for timely medical check-UPS are not just for the active stage of the disease but also during remission.

Earlier in January, researchers found that to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other deadly diseases need daily to consume at least 25-30 grams of dietary fiber.


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