Named the main cause of fear of spiders


Названа основная причина боязни пауков Researchers from California conducted an interesting test.

However, spiders do not like and are afraid not only people but many animals. But why is this happening? After all, the threat of poisonous spiders are found everywhere, and people are ready to faint from fear, even in the form of a small harmless spider. Not everyone, of course, but even the “brave” refers to those arthropods if not with fear, some with disgust and revulsion

Scientists at the University of California located in the American city of Santa Barbara, conducted an interesting experiment and came to the conclusion that fear of spiders is an evolutionary defense mechanism of the animals, which include people.

The researchers offered a group of students to view normal graphical text, which from time to time flashed pictures of the hypodermic needle, the fly and the spider. Now, 15 percent of participants noticed the needle, only 5 percent of the fly but the spider is more than 70 percent of the subjects.

Spiders existed on our planet, according to scientists who find their remains in the coal deposits, another half a billion years ago, i.e. long before the appearance of man on Earth, and most of them in that distant time was poisonous, making these arthropods survived to the present day.

Therefore, the animals in the course of evolution, has developed a specific reaction to the appearance of spiders – it’s dangerous! And though in our time, venomous arthropods, not so much every year from their bites die a few hundred people on the Ground.

By the way, why some people are afraid of spiders, not afraid of snakes also? This question more or less intelligible answer to give esoterics who believe, according to the theory of reincarnation, on Earth, are born of the soul not only of ex-earthlings, but also representatives of other planets in our infinite Universe. Therefore, these “foreign guests” just subconsciously do not know about the dangers of spiders and snakes.

However, it remains a mystery why in this case does not work genetic memory? Or do these “aliens” and the genome different? Because none of the geneticists have not studied this question, and even if there were those, who will allow them to inform the public of such “unscientific” data?..


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