Named the initial price of the comb Justin Bieber for sale


At the auction also has items from other celebrities.

Auction organizers Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction, apparently cherished the hope that Justin Bieber still obsessed female fans – otherwise we cannot explain the fact that put up for auction hairbrush, Justin used the old clip, and a pleasure to hold it in your hands (or maybe sniff?) it is proposed to pay 9 thousand dollars.

“The auction started on 11 April and runs until 20 April,” the author notes. In addition to the combs of clip Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl (which at the time of writing this news, no one has to buy not wanted – lot no bid), the auction exhibits other interesting for fans of “Souvenirs”, including:

Suit Lady Gaga with her performances on Superbowl in 2017 starting price of $ 15,000

Leather jacket from the music video George Michael Faith – starting price $ 20,000

The mask worn by Michael Jackson (with traces of his makeup, this is important) – the starting price of $ 3,000

Gold ring Elvis Presley – the starting price of $ 6,000.


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