Named the healing properties of nettle


Названы целебные свойства крапивыIn folk medicine, nettle leaves called mega-useful.

Nettles previously called one of the most effective herbs to treat various ailments. The glory of this plant is reaching for him on this day, however, modern humans rarely use the nettle leaves in everyday life, but in vain.

Nettle contains tannins, carotenoids, vitamins C, K and group b, organic acids, silicon, iron, copper, Nickel, manganese, boron, titanium. Some of the components of this plant are very rare and therefore nettle can compete with other herbs according to the level of utility.

Called the basic healing properties of nettle leaf:

stopping the blood, because it is often used topically for minor scrapes and wounds and orally – to stop the bleeding;

has choleretic property, which prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder and helps you effectively drop weight;

– strengthens the hair and makes it shiny if you rinse decoction of nettle;

– increases the body’s defenses, because the presence of vitamin C nettle inferior lemons and other citrus fruits;

– heals mucous membranes of the digestive tract in connection with which the physicians are advised to consume nettle in salads of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil;

– improves the blood and prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia;

– normalizes lipid metabolism;

– reduces the level of glucose and “bad” cholesterol in the blood;

– cures throat colds and other infectious diseases, it needs to gargle the decoction of leaves and nettle root;

– cleanses the liver and promotes its regeneration;

– preventive property on the gums, if rinsing with nettle decoction mouth;

– cooked perfectly cleanses the blood and supports the heart and blood vessels.

By the way, young nettle is rich with useful substances, and in may, just started her season.


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