Named the healing properties of garlic


It suggest eating more often.

We have all heard about the unique benefits of garlic, few people use it in food every day. All because of its sharp taste and distinctive long lasting fragrance, reports the with reference to Browser.

Family doctor Natalia Demenko to reconsider their attitude to garlic and include it in the list of the required daily products. According to her, only one or two cloves of this unique product is able to do wonders with health.

In winter, the garlic fully replaces antiviral drugs and multivitamin complexes, strengthening the immune system and helping the body fight the attacking sources of various infections.

The fact that it contains a unique set of vitamins, essential oils and amino acids and a special substance allicin, which mercilessly kills bacteria and fungi spores.

Normalizes blood pressure

Also beneficial will be garlic those who suffer from hypertension. Due to its composition garlic contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and normalizes the blood density, so that the pressure comes back to normal.

Cleans the blood vessels

Garlic will benefit and people who have a tendency to pathologies of the circulatory system. So, he strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood circulation and helps to get rid of “bad” cholesterol. Because regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of strokes, thrombosis and other dangerous conditions.

To help diabetics

You should not ignore the use of garlic in patients with diabetes mellitus. This product helps to reduce blood sugar levels and slows down the process of digestion of insulin in the liver.

And thanks to its cardioprotective properties it also protects against atherosclerosis and heart failure, the risk of which especially increases in diabetes.

Prevents cancer

Garlic is credited with the ability to prevent the development of cancer. This vegetable contains sulfur, selenium, and other components that neutralize the free radicals and destroy the threat onkokletki.

Some studies have shown that regular use of garlic the risk of developing cancer is reduced by 20%.


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