Named the five best fall ways to strengthen the immune system


Названы пять лучших осенних способов укрепления иммунитетаFolk remedies to strengthen the immune system so good that proven by many people.

In the autumn, when the epidemic threshold of flu and acute respiratory viral infections increases with each passing day, the question of immunity is becoming more acute. Come to the aid of traditional recipes that were used long before, as a drugs that can enhance the protective function of the human body.

These are the five best ways to strengthen the immune system and protect you from the autumnal ailments:

1. Lean on berries. Without exception, the berries are full of vitamins and other very useful substances. Moreover, during heat treatment, unlike other fortified products, berries do not lose their properties. They strengthen the immune system and take care of overall health, so eat them daily and several times a day.

2. Include in the daily diet of bee products. Honey and all other bee products possess antiviral properties and are natural Immunostimulants. Therefore, the fall honey, propolis, Royal jelly and so on should every day be consumed by man if he doesn’t want to catch the flu or a cold.

3. Useful tea. Common black tea does not stimulate the immune system, but green tea, even with honey and a slice of lemon and fresh mashed berries, will bring your body the maximum benefit: to cleanse of toxins and pathogens, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate from the inside due to the antioxidants and vitamins.

4. Herbal infusions. The immune system can take care of the dog rose drink a decoction of St. John’s wort, nettle, flowers of Echinacea, yarrow, dandelion and other medicinal plants. In folk medicine, they are called Immunostimulants, because they make the immune system to produce more new cells.

5. Garlic, onions and spices. These products are natural preservatives and, once in the body, they destroy all bacteria in its path, not allowing a person to get sick.

Use proven methods of strengthening the immunity and stay healthy!


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