Named the first symptoms of pneumonia


Названы первые симптомы воспаления легкихPneumonia can get very sick in warm time of the year.

Pneumonia most often develops on the background goes untreated viral infection or colds.

In may, when the weather can change drastically, very easy to catch a cold and catch a virus. But if you do not pay attention to the symptoms of the disease and continue to go to work, you can get serious complications, one of which is pneumonia.

There is another causative agent of the pneumonia is bacteria, such as streptococci, pneumococci, staphylococci. In this case, treat the disease with antibiotics and nothing else.

Most of all pneumonia affects children, the elderly, smokers, those who have a weak immune system and there are chronic diseases of the respiratory organs.

How to recognize pneumonia?

This disease is dangerous because it can develop without symptoms in the beginning. Besides, most of the signs of pneumonia confused with a banal cold or SARS.

Basically, the symptoms of pneumonia appear after the person has recovered. That is, the week he was sick with a runny nose and fever, and then was discharged and went to work, but suddenly he rose again the body temperature and a number of the following symptoms:

– excessive fatigue;

– lack of energy;

– a strong cough;

– shortness of breath especially should alarm those who have never been;

– discomfort in the chest, possibly even pain.

How to distinguish bacterial pneumonia from viral? In the case that the causative agent of pneumonia is the bacterium, the symptoms will be less pronounced and the temperature rises a maximum to 37.5°C. With viral pneumonia the above symptoms are manifested in full force and the temperature can reach 40°C.

Of course, the appearance of certain symptoms, at least indirectly pointing to pneumonia, an urgent need to see a doctor.


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