Named the Ferrari number registered in Ukraine


Названо количество Ferrari, зарегистрированных в УкраинеFerrari cars not often seen in Ukraine.

Ukraine is now officially registered about 160 cars Ferrari. This files most often on the Ukrainian roads you can meet the Ferrari F430 and Ferrari California, and least often GTC4 Ferrari Lusso.

In our country officially registered 32 sports car Ferrari F430, 22 Roadster Ferrari California and Ferrari sports cars 458 18. On the Ukrainian roads go Ferrari 612 (16 pieces), Ferrari Berlinetta (15 pieces), Ferrari 360 and the Ferrari FF (12 pieces), Ferrari 599 (11 pieces) and the Ferrari 488 (7 pieces). There are also 4 GTC4 Ferrari Lusso.

Ferrari is officially registered in Ukraine. In fact, cars of this Italian brand in our country anymore, because there are more cars on avtonomera or those that are recorded under other models.

In General, the car is not often seen in Ukraine. However, it is not surprising, given their high cost. However, every month someone from the Ukrainians still buys a Ferrari. Sometimes one month can sell more than one car of this brand.


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