Named the daily amount of fat, good for the body


Названо ежедневное количество сала, полезное для организма Nutritionists shared their research results.

Pork is often criticized for its fat content and are called “heavy” meat for digestion. Meanwhile, Chinese and Japanese cuisine this product is the main type of meat, and dieticians suggest that their usefulness to the organism pork to surpass beef.

Experts have told that pork is no worse than any other type of meat. According to experts, sometimes even healthier than pork, and pork fat can bring many benefits to the body. They recommended the daily use of 20-30 grams of lard.

“Fat optimally combined fatty acids, including particularly valuable linoleic and arachidonic. Eating fat helps to strengthen blood vessels”, – said the scientists.

According to nutritionist Marina Makisha, for the digestion of proteins pork are the most easy to digestion of meat. Therefore, it is pork often include baby food. Use lean pork, said the specialist will be particularly useful to people after surgeries.

In addition, the researchers emphasize that pork is not as red meats, like beef or lamb. Scientists explain that in pork is lower the level of substances that carry oxygen, but dangerous carcinogenic effect in over quantity.


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