Named the country with the best quality of life


Названы страны с лучшим качеством жизниIn the first five two Scandinavian countries.

Sweden and Denmark entered the top five countries with the best quality of life, according to the annual rating of Best Coutries Quality of Life, which is compiled by the American magazine US News & World Report.

Sweden was on the 2nd place, Denmark – on the 3rd, and headed the rating of Canada. The top ten from EU countries also included Finland (6th place), Netherlands (8th) and Germany (10-m).

This rating is an estimate of how countries can create comfortable living conditions for its citizens. The rating is based on the results of a survey of residents from more than 80 countries in 2019 in the survey was attended by 20 thousand people. They evaluated countries on parameters such as availability of work, quality education, security, health. The rating results are recorded in the “Best country in the world”, where this year the first place among the EU countries occupied Germany.


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