Named the country best prepared for the zombie invasion


Названа страна, лучше всего подготовленная к нашествию зомби This conclusion was made by Brazilian scientists.

Physicists from Brazil came to the conclusion that the most likely to survive in case of a zombie Apocalypse in North Korea. To cope with the dead, for every thousand citizens have 47 military firearms. Stones, sharp weapons, etc. the zombies can not be beat.

The required number of military available only in North Korea. This country has the biggest potential if judged by the ratio of civilians and soldiers.

Scientists also noted that a strain of zombie can be transmitted by airborne droplets, however, people with good immunity will not be able to catch the virus.

Earlier in the USA there are special flamethrowers that can cope with up to a dozen zombies. A weapon created by Elon Musk, are bought by citizens of the country. Recently experts found that some human genes continue its activities after death.


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