Named the cheapest in the world low-cost airlines


Названы самые дешевые в мире лоукостерыCheaper nowhere.

Booking service travel Rome2Rio has published a ranking of the cheapest airlines in the world. The leading place in it took the Australian low-cost carrier Tigerair Australia, which has only domestic flights.

The rankings are based on the price per kilometer of travel. Australian low-cost airline the cost of 1 km is 6 cents.

On the second and third positions located air Asia – AirAsia X (7 cents) and Indonesia AirAsia (8 cents).

They were followed by Australian airline Jetstar and Etihad in the UAE (10 cents).

TOP 10 most budget companies:

Tigerair Australia – 0,06$.
AirAsia X – 0,07$.
Indonesia AirAsia – 0,08 us$.
Jetstar to 0.09$.
Etihad is 0.1$.
Citilink Indonesia – 0.1$.
WOW air is 0.1$.
Oman Air is 0.1$.
Lion Mentari Airlines – 0.1$.
Ryanair is 0.1$.


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