Named the causes of and major risk red moles


Названы причины появления и главные опасности красных родинок Angioma may indicate various disorders in the body.

As you know, moles may be present at a human body from birth, can appear new. Moles come in various sizes and colors.

The doctors say moles red color is not only ugly. They portend danger. Doctors call these birthmarks “angioma”. The appearance of these moles suggests that the person might be sick with something serious.

Angiomas – vascular education. Such moles often appear in the appearance of abnormalities in the circulation. And pathology are at serious hormonal disorders. Also angiomas are beginning to appear in various diseases of the liver and digestive tract. Red moles can appear also when people will stay too long under the sun or partageait in the Solarium.

Moles are not to attempt to remove. If the damage is red mole begins to bleed because angioma consists of capillaries. If the mole is accidentally damaged, started bleeding that may require emergency aid doctors. Also you can not put this mole for a long time under the bright sun.

If angioma began to grow, change shape, change the color on this moles, we need to see a doctor. There is a possibility that the mole began to transform into malignancy.

If angiomas are found in places that are often subjected to mechanical stress, these moles should be removed. First, you need to consult a doctor. He will choose which method (laser, liquid nitrogen, through surgery) angiom best to remove, appoint tests.


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