Named the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths in Europe


Названа причина сотен тысяч смертей в ЕвропеAir pollution causes more than 500 thousand deaths per year.

Air pollution causes more than 500 thousand deaths per year in Europe alone. To such conclusion experts of the European Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen (Denmark) on the environment. About it reported in a press release on the website

Although the EEA data shows that the level of contamination is falling gradually, adverse environmental conditions remains one of the major factors of premature death in 41 European countries. With fine particles (less than 2.5 microns in diameter) suspended in the air which easily penetrate the lungs and blood, are responsible for 80 percent of the deaths. It is estimated that 82 percent of the urban population is exposed to aerosols.

In March 2017, scientists from Canada, China, the UK and the USA estimated the proportion of deaths in 2007 associated with the pollution of the human environment fine particles. It turned out that more than 47 thousand people in Eastern Europe died from the pollution caused by factories in Western Europe. In most of Western Europe, scientists have counted 2.3 million deaths caused by industrial production in the United States.


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