Named the best players of the qualifying stage of Euro 2020


Already known 20
of the 24 teams that will be eligible to play during the European Championship
football 2020. The group rounds of EURO 2020 become incredibly rich and interesting.
Their results and we now plan to fail. According to the latest news, this tournament
really not to be missed.

Of course, during the qualifying stage of the European Championship stood out a lot of players who deserved the attention. So, UEFA has published the ranking of the hundred best players in the tournament. By the way, to follow the UPS and downs of the tournament, is download Malbec on the phone, in addition, on the basis of the data of website you can make profitable bets to develop your strategy and enjoy the results of the games of his favorite team.

Returning to
the end of the qualifying stage of Euro 2020, it is worth noting that the championship began
very interesting. Sensations really enough. That only is first place
in the group the national team of Ukraine, who managed to leave the Portuguese national team the outsiders.
Andriy Shevchenko has clearly exceeded expectations.

However, the group
stage Euro 2020 has ended, and so we should start to see some
the results and strategize for the future.

The first in this question
was UEFA who shared the fresh rating of the best players in qualifying
cycle CHE 2020. As it turned out, first place was won by the team representatives
The Netherlands. Memphis Depay and De Jong Frankie and 2518 2607 points respectively.
The third place went to Englishman Jordan Picfor with 2401 points. On the fourth
and fifth it again “was surrounded by” representatives of the Netherlands. Here is
Matteis De Ligt and Jasper Cillessen.

Judging by the first
ten, in the UEFA not the less appreciate the work of Antoine Griezmann,
Bernardo Silva, Ruben Dias and Sergio Ramos. But the owner of “Golden ball”
2017 Cristiano Ronaldo was only in tenth position.

The best representative
team of Ukraine became the goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov, who took 19th place with 1458
points. Significantly lagged behind him Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovsky, who
located on the 77th place. At the “top” part of the rating got and Mykola Matvienko,
presenting the national team of Ukraine on 114 place. The only Russians, who are in
first “hundred” — the defender of the national team of Russia Georgy Jikia (captain of the Moscow “Spartak”).
It is located on the 69th place in the rating and scored 956 points.

Now close
the attention of football fans drawn to the possible rivals in different teams
the next stages of the European Championship on football in 2020.

go into the complex algorithms of drawings, but it is already known that Ukraine
will have to play with the Netherlands (Yes, the players this team is in
ranking the first position). While Russia faces intense matches with Belgium and

It should be noted,
this system of drawing vocal critics. While many teams potential
rivals have long been known, just about all we know only on November 30. The draw
group stage of Euro 2020 will be held on the last day of autumn, in Bucharest.


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