Named the best model of a car of up to $20 thousand


Названы лучшие модели авто до $20 тысяч Experts have made a rating of the best cars in this price range.

Manufacturers offer a lot of car for the price of $ 20,000. To understand them takes a lot of time. We offer the best six models in the range of $ 20,000.

Honda Fit
The Honda Fit has many trim levels in the range of $ 20,000. Moreover, it offers much more equipment than other cars in this segment (for example, leather seats with heated, sunroof, two USB ports).

Названы лучшие модели авто до $20 тысяч

Kia Soul
The Kia Soul has many advantages. It is a beautiful model with a spacious interior and modern technology. Of course, she doesn’t have all-wheel drive, but many motorists choosing a compact crossover, it is not needed.

Названы лучшие модели авто до $20 тысяч

Subaru Impreza
Compact Subaru Impreza is offered in two body variants – sedan and hatchback. This model has many advantages over its competitors (for example, a smart sensor technology).

Названы лучшие модели авто до $20 тысяч

Chevrolet Malibu
It turns out that for $ 20,000 you can even buy a Chevrolet Malibu. In the configuration of the LS with alloy wheels, 7 inch touch screen and the latest communication technologies. Salon this model is one of the largest in its class.

Названы лучшие модели авто до $20 тысяч

Mazda 3
Of course, the top version of the Mazda 3 offer a luxury finish and powerful engines, but the basic equipment that you can buy for about $ 20,000, is also impressive. This model has two versions — sedan and hatchback.

Названы лучшие модели авто до $20 тысяч

Nissan Rogue Sport
Perhaps Nissan Rogue Sport is not the most popular crossover in the world. But this is a great option for those car enthusiasts who want to get crossover for $ 20,000. Basic S worth even less than $ 20,000. Some dealers can find for this price and top included (it includes dual-zone climate control, alloy wheels, etc.).


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