Named the best exercises for increasing bicep


They really work.

A chin-up is not as multifunctional as bench press, deadlift or squat. But you can’t deny that pulling on the bar will always be one of the favorite exercises of most guys. The more weight you can handle them, the more they will grow biceps. As soon as possible to add strength in your hands, proceed as follows, reports the with reference to Comments.

More chinups

Do this set between the approaches to the main exercise, no matter what you do. “Do 3-5 perfect reps in each set, lifting the chin over the bar,” says Jim Smith, a spokesman for C. S. C. S.. Chinups (palms facing you) allows you to increase tension on the biceps, and the repetition will significantly improve your muscle mass.

Slow down

Hangs for 3 to 5 seconds to pull up the position and thus increase as the time of exercise, and stress on the muscles. The exercise, which involved static, much stronger strengthens the muscles than quick and repetition. Two or three of these approaches will be enough to be tired, but at the same time significantly strengthen the biceps.


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