Named the best country for living and working foreigners


Названы лучшие страны для жизни и работы иностранцевWhere to move abroad.

Moving abroad leads to higher wages on average by $21 thousand per year, and the very best financial conditions for expats in Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong. This is with reference to the study’s annual Expat Explorer survey, which is conducted by the HSBC Bank, writes Bloomberg. This edition does not indicate that the workers which professions are moving to another country leads to an increase in income.

The average salary of a foreign specialist in Switzerland is $202 thousand, to US $185.1 thousand, Hong Kong – $178,7 thousand expats earn a Little less in China and Singapore, $172,7 million and $162,2 thousand, respectively.

The best city “to live and work” expats fourth consecutive year, Singapore remains: the ratio of the standard of living and level of income he is ahead of New Zealand, Germany and Canada. Switzerland in this ranking took only the eighth place in this country is very expensive to raise children and have difficulties to find new friends, said the respondents HSBC.

Overall, 45% of expats believe that after moving to another country is the same work that they performed at home, are paid much higher. The women who change their place of residence for higher salaries, income rose by an average of 27%. It’s more than the average after moving increased income of men, says Bloomberg, without specifying a specific percentage.

But expats-men more often reported by sociologists that the move has led to the development of their career: 47% for men against 25% among women.

In January 2018 HSBC estimates that among cities the highest average salary of foreign managers – $ 271 thousand – was recorded in Mumbai. Second and third place went to San Francisco and Zurich, respectively, the fourth Shanghai: the average salary of expats also exceeds the mark of $200 thousand In Geneva, new York, Los Angeles and Jakarta, foreign specialists are paid on average more than $150 thousand


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